Mission Mondays

Gregg Fort

Gregg Fort - Missionary of the week

Today we’re going to Africa for a special victory celebration with missionary Gregg Fort. Our church supports him through our Cooperative Program giving.

Gregg worked with an older man named Sungwa. Sungwa practiced witchcraft until the day he accepted Christ. He threw out all the charms and potions and things he used in witchcraft. But evil spirits came and whispered to him: If you are baptized, you will die!

Word got out that the witch doctor would be baptized as a Christian, and a big crowd appeared to see if the spirits would indeed kill Sungwa.

Sungwa went bravely into the water and was dipped under. As he came up, he stood silent for a moment. Everyone stared.

A big smile spread across Sungwa’s face, and he began singing in a loud voice, “Praise the Lord! I was bound by the chains of Satan, but I’ve been set free! Praise the Lord!”

Sungwa was celebrating his victory! We Christians know that God will defeat Satan and evil spirits every time. As we pray for Gregg let’s also pray that people will experience God’s power for themselves as they come in faith to Jesus Christ. Pray the celebrations never stop!

How can you help?

Keep our SBC missionaries in your daily prayers as they follow God's call to evangelize and spread the good news of Christ's love and salvation to all parts of the world.  Your contribution to Annie Armstrong supports missionaries such as Gregg Fort.  Please join us and the SBC by supporting these missionaries and their families as they carry the message of God's love!